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Dental Spa

By Carolyn Clifford
Web produced by Jenny DiDomenico

July 29, 2004

Fifty percent of the population doesnít go to the dentist. Some of it is a matter of money, but a lot of it is a matter of fear. That being said, there is at least one dentistís office where patients are delighted to make an appointment.

At first, it may seem like your typical dental office. There are drills, bright lights, and chairs, but look closer. Thereís also fresh flowers, music, even massage!

Linda Batts used to fear the dentistís drill until her dentistís office became a dental spa.

"I know that Iím going to deal with things that are uncomfortable, but the whole space, is a space of comforts," she says.

Those comforts include aromatherapy, full body massages, warm towels, even a paraffin hand dip.

For Angie Gosta, that means getting smooth skin while getting her teeth fixed.

"I was nervous about the sounds and the pain," she says. "I just hated the dentist but I donít fell that way at all anymore.
This is a great place to be."

For patients that are very nervous, it makes a difference.

"Theyíre much more relaxed, then forget about me working on their mouth, they actually get number faster," dental spa owner Dr. Gary Sasaki says.

They get so relaxed that Charles Jennings finds he often falls asleep!

"I become totally unaware of whatís going on, and at one point Dr. Sasaki asked me to open again and woke me up," he says.

Dr. Sasaki first saw the dental spa concept in California. Dealing with patients who dreaded their visits sold him on changing his Ypsilanti practice.

"Weíve had in the past, people come they go back to the chair and then they ask to go to the bathroom and they never come back!" Dr. Sasaki recalls.

Most amazing of all, other than the full body massage all of these spa services come as part of your dental care for free!

For more information about the dental spa concept, visit the website.
Or contact Dr. Sasaki at:

Dental Spa Center Michigan
1900 Packard Road
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
(734) 482-7466

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